TruVision™ NVR 10, Plug&Play 4 channel HD NVR, 1U

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TruVision NVR 10c (UTVN-10) is a plug-and-play entry-level network video recorder. It stands out because of its ease of use and straightforward plug-and-play camera network configuration. UTVN-10 represents a highly flexible solution, available in a 4, 8 or 16 IP channel version – with and without camera PoE ports.

Plug & Play

Setting up UTVN-10 is easy. Its embedded PoE ports allow you to connect IP cameras as they were analog cameras. When plugged in, cameras are automatically assigned IP addresses, are added to the recorder and set up to default configuration. Each IP camera can also be set up individually to ensure full flexibility. Each plug & play port can be configured to provide no power, PoE-af or PoE-at to its connected IP camera. This setup can easily and intuitively be configured in the recorder’s user interface.


UTVN-10c features one embedded SATA port, allowing a maximum of 2TB onboard storage. As such, the unit is designed to provide 15 days of storage at HD @ 15fps on each channel. By lowering the resolution and frame rate or by changing the recording schedules, more days of storage can easily be achieved.

Local or remote operation

TVN 10 is designed to be flexible – not only in its deployment and product selection, but also in its day to day operations. The unit can be fully controlled locally using the front panel buttons and mouse, displaying high resolution Full HD video on its local monitor VGA or HDMI video outputs. Alternatively, UTVN-10 can be operated remotely using its full featured web browser interface or using the TruVision Navigator and TVRmobile software applications.