TruVision™ NVR 21S, 8/16 channel Plug&Play HD Network Video Recorder

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TruVision NVR 21S (TVN 21S) is a robust high performance embedded network video recorder with 8 or 16 embedded plug-&-play PoE ports. Having a total bandwidth of 40/80 Mbps available, the TVN 21 is able to connect up to 8/16 IP cameras and provide real-time recording (25/30 fps) at HD720p resolution on all channels simultaneously. Furthermore, with its fully flexible bandwidth allocation, the TVN 21 allows recording resolutions up to 5 MPX at various frame rates.

Plug & play functionality

Setting up TVN 21S is easy. Its embedded PoE ports allow you to connect TruVision IP cameras as they were analog cameras. When plugged in, cameras are automatically assigned IP addresses, added to the recorder and set up at default configuration. Each IP camera can also be set up individually to ensure full flexibility. Each plug & play port can be configured to provide no power, PoE-af or PoE-at to its connected IP camera. Additionally, the fully flexible PoE allocation feature ensures an optimally efficient use of the PoE power available.

Exeception recording performance

To accommodate for TVN 21S’s 8/16 incoming IP streams, up to 16 TB of on board storage is available, using four 4 TB hard drives. These hard drives are front side accessible, allowing customers to easily expand storage as their system and/or requirements grow. Additionally, TVN 21S supports extended external storage and backup via eSATA devices. Furthermore, TVN 21S allows you to select from multiple recording modes; time lapse, event, alarm and manual. These can be used in various combinations, making sure data is stored in an efficient way as well as in a safe location.

Local or remote operation

TVN 21S allows users full flexibility in the way they want to configure, manage and monitor their video surveillance solution. In addition to management of the unit through its browser interface or TruVision Navigator, the TVN 21S allows users to also operate the recorder locally using its front panel controls, local VGA, HDMI and BNC outputs and its intuitive on screen display.