CCTV Cameras

Digital CCTV security and surveillance cameras can be obvious or covert, indoor or outdoor, stationary or moving, monochrome or colour.

Each CCTV camera If you are unsure as to the type of CCTV camera to use in a given situation. Our CCTV Surveillance consultant will help you choose the best one for a given position.

Digital CCTV Body Cameras

Body cameras are supplied in more conventional CCTV bodies. Body cameras are usually higher quality than bullet cameras, and our range is no exception. We sell body cameras from all major manafactureres and can configure a system exaclty to your requirements.

Digital CCTV body cameras require a lens to be attached to them and these generally have to be bought separately, but this allows you to choose the best lens for your needs. This may be a long lens where the subject is at a distance or a wide angle lens if the subject is closer, e.g. in a corridor or room. Vari-focal lenses can also be employed which allow you to manually adjust the zoom level of your body camera. This awards you the ability to shape your CCTV security system exaclty to your requirements.

Body Cameras Lenses

cctv body camera

Varifocal CCTV Camera Lens

3-8mm infrared compensated aspherical varifocal lens.
High quality construction for smooth adjustment and long service life. DC auto-iris.

Price: £44.75 each.

cctv body camera

Varifocal CCTV Camera Lens

For use with 1/3" or 1/4" CS mount CCTV cameras with DC iris control.
Best suited to medium resolution cameras.

Price: £19.95 each.

Digital CCTV Bullet Cameras

bullet cameraBullet cameras are cameras mounted in a cylindrical or "bullet" casing. This makes them easy to install when pointing them in the right direction, and keeps the case compact.

Bullet cameras campact size and inbuilt lens make them ideal for situations where space and price are key. CCTV Surveillance use a range of cameras from all of the top manufacturers to uniquely customise your CCTV securty system to your requirements.

By using a range of cameras and accessories you can ensure that your CCTV system can adapt to all situations and provide your company with excellent safety and security.

Digital CCTV Covert Cameras

covert cameraCovert cameras are the ultimate in spy cam technology. Tiny devices that can be hidden in places such as smoke alarms enable you to spy on perpetrators and catch them in the act.

Caution should be exercised when planning to use a covert installation as specific conditions apply to business use of covert cameras under the Data Protection Act.

Covert cameras can be added to your CCTV installation to ensure that your needs are met. CCTV Surveillance are committed to bringing you exactly what you demand of your CCTV system. We use a range of devices and accessories from top manufacturers and can uniquely customise your CCTV system around your requirements. Contact us now to find out how we can meet your CCTV needs.

Digital CCTV Dome Cameras

dome cameraDome cameras are most popular because they can be installed discreetly on a wall or ceiling corner with all the cables hidden within the casing. Unlike body cameras, Dome Cameras come with built in lenses, usually one of two types. A fixed focal length lens where the view cannot be changed, or an adjustable vari-focal lens for cameras that need to change focal distance from time to time. CCTV Surveillance know how to create a CCTV security solution for your company and are able to uniquely customise your CCTV installation.

By using products from the top manufacturers within CCTV, you can rest assured that your CCTV system will operate through the harshest of conditions, ensuring safety and security.

The most recent dome cameras have a selection of high-technology features such as True Day/Night Filters for high-visibility black and white images at night time, built-in Infra Red Illuminators to see in complete darkness, and Wide Dynamic range, which allows the camera to see in extremely bright light as well as ultra low light conditions.

Infra-red CCTV Cameras

infra red camera

Infra red cameras are ever popular due to their ability to see in 'absolute darkness'. By utilising infra red light these cameras ensure security and safety for your sites throughout any light conditions.

Infra red detectors can either be added to body cameras, or often inbuilt infra red cameras purchased for your CCTV solution. As ever, CCTV Surveillance is able to use a range of technologies to give your company the number 1 solution for your CCTV requirements. By using a vast range of products from the top manufacturers, CCTV Surveillance can uniquely customise your CCTV system to your requirements and provide valuable maintenance for the future. You can rest assured that CCTV Surveillance will not let you down.