Hybrid (Analogue + IP) CCTV Systems

A hybrid CCTV system can help you expand your existing analogue CCTV system while using latest-generation IP cameras and software, without having to overhaul your entire infrastructure at a considerable cost.

If replacing the entire infrastructure is not a viable solution, the company is left with one of three choices:

  • Keep the existing analogue CCTV cameras, but install a hybrid digital recording solution;
  • Opt for dual-output IP cameras (both analogue and digital), and keep their original recording solution;
  • Go for hybrid products at both ends.

Hybrid digital recording solution

A company that decides to go for a hybrid digital recording solution will be able to keep their existing analogue CCTV camera network and also enjoy the superior management and control options provided by a digital recording solution.

Dual-output IP cameras

If the company opts for installing dual-output IP cameras, they’ll be investing a bit more when buying the cameras, but they’ll get to keep their existing infrastructure. Furthermore, they’ll also future-proof their surveillance system, as they’ll be able to easily connect the new IP cameras to a more modern infrastructure and digital recorder at any time in the future.

Hybrid products at both ends

The most cost-effective solution is to use both a hybrid, dual-output IP camera and a hybrid recorder. In this way, the original IT infrastructure will stay in place, thus minimizing costs and installation-related disruptions, while the company will still manage to benefit from all the benefits provided by an IP high-definition solution.

Hybrid systems are an excellent solution for the strategic migration from analogue CCTV to the benefits of IP-network CCTV. The system can be scaled up and reconfigured at any time, allowing you to add new network cameras – or move them around – with a minimum of fuss.

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