Rapid Deployment Asset Protection Systems (RDAPS)

RDAPS - a fully-integrated, self-contained, compact, turnkey and rapidly deployable mobile surveillance solution


- Rapid deployment
- Mains or battery powered with solar/wind electrical generation
- Full HD (1080p) video quality
- Remote monitoring
- Ideal for remote sites or areas under development
- Virtual trip wires for detection of unwanted guests
- Full day/night capability using LED lighting

The Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System (RDAPS) developed by CCTV Surveillance's parent company, Tensor plc, is an innovative, fully-integrated, self-contained, compact, turnkey and rapidly deployable mobile surveillance solution proven to both prevent crime and facilitate prosecution whenever a crime occurs.

RDAPS includes a high-definition camera system of evidential quality and a self-contained high-definition NVR platform with full video analytics capabilities, fully integrated 2-way audio and alarms.

Featuring a rugged, weather and vandal-proof design, RDAPS is the ideal CCTV monitoring and recording system for remote sites and trouble hotspots, delivering enhanced remote situational awareness, as well as real and actionable remote assessment of the targeted protection area.

RDAPS has been designed to protect assets located in vulnerable or remote locations, where current constraints exist due to a lack of power and/or communications. The system is equipped with a Solar/Wind Turbine charged battery system, as well as multiple wireless communication platforms (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, etc.)

The Tensor Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System is totally transportable and can be re-deployed as frequently as required on multiple sites. Our unique purpose built tower provides a platform which transports the system from site to site and when in ‘deployed-mode’ forms a self-contained secure working platform, functioning as a fully integrated remote video system.

Who can benefit?

• Construction

• Utilities

• Local authorities

• Temporary guarded areas/ compounds

• Remote location (e.g Farms, fuel stores)

• Law enforcement

• Events (e.g. Festivals,carnivals, sports events)

RDAPS compact turnkey rapidly deployable surveillance solution – Key Features

Live video/audio transmission

Latest-generation wireless technology

High Definition (1080p)

Record above evidential quality 1920 x 1080 video even in low light, with True Day/Night sensor down to 0.06 Lux sensitivity.

Rugged anti-tamper design

Extremely robust design and quality of build offers excellent protection against attack. A ballistic/highly ruggedized version is also available.

Completely interdependent power system options

Multiple power solutions available from on site 230v – 110v to fully self contained Solar and wind

power systems with battery back up, making Tensor’s RDAPS 100% standalone.

Public address system

Outdoor 20W PA horn speaker with amplifier in IP66 box.

3G/4G and Wifi connectivity built in

Full support for multiple wireless communication platforms – 4G/3G, Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11 b,g,n up to 150Mbps.

Integrated IR Lighting

Infra-red illuminators for accurate video recording in low-light conditions.

Fully self-contained high-definition NVR (Network Video Recorder)

More than 90 days recording with 1TB ultra low power recorder. HD footage is retained on the NVR even if all power fails.

Advanced video analytic detection system

Independently tested against the UK Home Office i-LIDS image library for sterile zone environments, VCA Technology Video Analytics is able to work exceptionally well in sterile conditions in which activity or motion is not expected – ideally suited for the challenges of detecting movement in outdoor and remote locations.

Remote monitored solution

Remote monitoring conducted by NSI NACOSS Gold Alarm Receiving centres with relevant British Standards in place.

Add multiple additional wireless cameras

Master NVR records from networked (slave) cameras using built-in Edge Recording Cluster Technology (ERCTM).

PIRs/Motion detection with security lighting available

Ideally suited for the challenges of detecting movement in outdoor and remote locations

Alarms for loss of video or power

Smart Alarm Manager creates specific responses to triggers received by the system.