Integrated CCTV

Today’s exigent security and surveillance requirements often lead to customers needing systems whose individual elements communicate and are interconnected in order to provide an integrated solution, capable of granting one complete control over their video security and surveillance system.

With 28 over years of expertise in the security industry as part of of the Tensor plc group, CCTV Surveillance is committed to developing and improving our security management products at all levels.

As a part of this pledge, we have developed end to end integrated CCTV solutions, focused on providing a unified and unitary security management system ensuring that security, surveillance and building management applications can be easily accessed from a single platform.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Access Control System
  • Fully integrated Video Management, with specific Cameras allocated to Location Entries – Recorded video clips are automatically associated with Access Control System events to ensure the easy retrieval of pertinent clips when researching past events.
  • Simple, User-Friendly Control Interface – Events captured by the CCTV cameras are displayed via the same method as other Access Control System events. As a lock is released, an alarm event triggers the recording of video footage for the event. This footage is then available for playback in Tensor.NET, either by location or as a link in an access control report. Screen displays are provided to report upon access events, including links to play the related video clip.
  • Employee, Contractor & Visitor Administration
  • Comprehensive Alert Notifications – Video surveillance system functions can be triggered automatically in response to system events: start and stop recording, preset control and video window control.
  • Access Locations linked to Smart card/Biometric Scanners
  • Multi-Vendor Support for Enhanced Flexibility – System supports a variety of cameras from multiple suppliers, for extensive flexibility.

CCTV integrated with Access Control for Superior Security

One of the key steps in building a unitary control platform is to integrate one’s Access Control system with their video surveillance system, making it possible to accurately determine if the access is granted to the appropriate employees or if several people are entering on the same access card.

By implementing such a high end integrated solution, you will be able to permanently monitor and manage access to your site. You can choose where individuals are able to gain access and manage user permissions to make sure that access is granted to the right person to the right areas at the right times.

Moreover, you’ll also be able to easily link video footage with security events such as granted, denied and forced entry. Users can easily assign multiple cameras to one Access Control point or one camera to multiple points and then search security event logs by date and time, playing back video associated to selected events. Additionally, the application allows either live or historic video to be viewed for periods not linked to any specific Access Control event.

Beside access control, the video surveillance systems designed and deployed by CCTV Surveillance also support a variety of video sources including:

– Thermal Optics

– Ground Radar Detection

– Intruder Detection

– Number plate recognition (ANPR) systems.

The security solutions from CCTV Surveillance allow the use of existing IT infrastructures to be utilised to deliver flexible fully digital CCTV networked solutions, making the installation process faster and more cost-effective for end customers.

Our comprehensive CCTV monitoring and surveillance systems are custom designed to meet our clients’ needs and are designed to manage anything from small single sites to city wide systems to nation-wide, multi-site solutions.