All You Need To Know About ANPR

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ANPR can be hugely beneficial for businesses in a number of ways, and contributes massively to the safety and security of a premises. Here, we break down everything there is to know about ANPR, including how it works and the benefits of it. 

ANPR – How Does It Work?

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. It’s a technology that uses cameras to read vehicle number plates on a road or at the entrance/exit of a car park of an access controlled premises. Number plate readings are then compared to a database of registered number plates for access to either be granted or denied. 

ANPR uses Optical Character Recognition in order to transform an image of a registration plate into encoded text. With this, the ANPR System can then begin to match the number plate against the stored set of number plates to grant or deny access into a premises using Car Park Barriers or an Access Control System

Benefits of ANPR

ANPR Systems have a wide range of security benefits for organisations and businesses that are looking to improve security measures. 

  1. ANPR improves car park management, employee management and visitor management. Not only will it improve the security of any car park for reasons stated above, but it will also manage visitors who are visiting a site. This could be a delivery van, lorry, or an external employee or visitor who is on site for a meeting perhaps. This ultimately ensures that you are aware exactly who is on your site at all times.
  1. Employees arriving at work can also benefit massively from an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System because it can provide the number of free parking spaces upon entrance; leaving nothing down to guessing. 
  1. For car parks that require a payment for use, ANPR is an essential. With an ANPR System you will be able to understand the exact time a vehicle entered your car park, which can be matched against the ticketing machine and amount paid. 

Where Should I Install ANPR?

If you are using ANPR Cameras at the entrance and exit of your car park, then it goes without saying that positioning the cameras at both the entrance and exit is the best idea. This way it will allow the cameras to have a clear sight of the vehicles approaching them and can work together with your Car Park Barriers to allow entry. 

If you have any questions about ANPR, or if you would like more information about our ANPR Systems, then please get in touch with our sales team today who are on-hand to help with any queries you may have.

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