Busy zebra crossing in Tunbridge Wells to become a fine hot zone with the help of CCTV

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Motorists who flout a ban on vehicles in the vicinity of a busy zebra crossing in Tunbridge Wells will start receiving 60 pound fines in the near future, after being recorded by a council-owned CCTV system.

According to a news report in the local media, the respective area of the road is a bus-only one, and, after permission from Kent County Council was given, a council-owned CCTV car will record (and consequently fine) all vehicles that drive along the road.

The borough council bought the safety car last year at a cost of more than £20,000. The vehicle took to the roads around schools last September, but was not used to clampdown on Fiveways because a Traffic Regulation Order to enforce the buses-only policy was not in place.

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