Dundee resident to launch campaign calling for CCTV deployment following spate of vandalism

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A Dundee resident will launch a campaign for deploying CCTV cameras in his area following a spate of vandalism that resulted in £20,000 worth of damage to cars and allotments, a news report in the local media has revealed.

70-year-old Douglas Fisher had his car damaged during the vandalism spree in the Law and Hilltown areas, which was said to be the worst of its kind to happen in Dundee. The 70-year-old now plans to start a petition to persuade Dundee City Council to provide security cameras for the area.

A greenhouse was completely destroyed after being set on fire while others were smashed with rocks and hammers, with prize plants ripped up from their beds. Plus, around 25 vehicles were also damaged during the rampage.

The damage appears to have been caused by a gang of teenagers wearing football tops, who were seen in Law Road, Kinghorne Road, Stirling Avenue and Stirling Street.

Residents in the Law Hill area have been calling for CCTV for the past couple of years, due to a number of incidents including the vandalism of nine allotments in 2014 and repeated damage and thefts from cars.

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