Campaign launched to fit CCTV surveillance cameras in Every Care Home

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A new campaign to install CCTV surveillance cameras in all care homes that was recently launched by charity organization Care Campaign For The Vulnerable has received widespread support, with former Attorney General Dominic Grieve expressing his full support for the initiative and vowing to take to the highest level of government, a recent news report has been able to suggest.

There is currently no mandatory requirement for providers to use safety monitoring in public areas which critics say leaves vulnerable residents at greater risk of abuse.

This is the reason why Care Campaign For The Vulnerable has launched this campaign, centred around the argument that requiring the public parts of care homes to be monitored by CCTV would contribute to reducing the possibility of abuse.

Overt CCTV in areas like lounges, dining areas, entrances and exits, would require no permission from residents and staff and could be achieved quickly. The vast majority of preventable neglect like rough handling, falls in corridors, and elderly residents, many of who have dementia but are left unattended, takes place in public areas.

Jayne Connery, who founded the pressure group, said: “This simple step will help safeguard those who are no longer able to safeguard themselves.

Numerous cases of horrendous abuse could have been prevented if only cameras had been fitted to cover public areas. What I hear from families every day is a national tragedy. Care homes are failing and these people need protecting.

With public trust and confidence so low surely it is time technology was implemented that permitted greater transparency, delivered more certainty and significantly improved trust.

We want the Government to listen to our concerns and act.”

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