Carmarthenshire residents urged to have their say on the future of CCTV

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Residents across Carmarthenshire are urged to express their opinions regarding the future of the CCTV system in their area following the Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Commissioner’s decision to withdraw funding for the service, a news report can reveal.

The proposal is to continue to support the on-going costs such as links back to the police stations and electricity to ensure activity is recorded and can then be accessed for police use. On the other hand, the provision for live or active monitoring will however cease.

The decision was based on the findings of an independent review commissioned by the Commissioner which concluded that there was no case to support active monitoring of public CCTV and that there was little evidence that the cameras deterred violent or alcohol-related crime.

However, before a final decision is taken on CCTV, members of the public will be asked for their views. The consultation is now being carried out on i-Local asking people how they feel about the CCTV recommendation, whether it affects them or their family, and inviting suggestions on how any impact could be lessened.

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