CCTV cameras for a shop have ability to see in ‘absolute darkness’

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CCTV images of a store attack Digital security CCTV Surveillance Ltd indoor or outdoor shop or business infra red cameras ability to see in absolute darknessDetectives are urging people who recognise a pair of men on CCTV images of a store attack to identify them. Both of the men are white and in their early 20s. The first may be easier to identify as he wore a checked trapper hat. Lothian and Borders Police appealed for information about the Edinburgh assault, saying: “The CCTV images show both men within the Scotmid store, and we are appealing to anyone who recognises them to come forward.”

Digital security cameras from CCTV Surveillance Ltd can be obvious or covert, indoor or outdoor, stationary or moving, monochrome or colour. If you are unsure what type of CCTV cameras to use in a given situation for your shop or business, how about infra red cameras? These are a good choice due to their ability to see in ‘absolute darkness’. By utilising infra red light these cameras ensure security and safety for your sites throughout any light conditions. Infra red detectors can either be added to body cameras, or inbuilt.

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