CCTV cameras in Calderdale undergo major upgrade process

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The CCTV monitoring system in Calderdale has undergone a major upgrade process, the council’s 64 cameras and monitoring screens being replaced with modern, high definition equipment, a recent news report in the local media has been able to reveal.

The upgrade came after the council’s Cabinet approved funding as the previous system was installed in the mid-1990s and was outdated. Updates in technology since then mean that the new equipment costs less to run and uses less energy.

The new equipment is capable of providing higher quality pictures, improved night vision, better recording and the ability to zoom into fine detail.

Councillor Steve Sweeney, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities, said:“I’m extremely pleased with the upgraded equipment. This is an important investment as CCTV plays a vital role in keeping people safe.

“Community safety is a joint effort between the Council and other organisations. We can now achieve this more effectively, reduce the ongoing cost to local taxpayers and be more environmentally friendly.

“In Calderdale we’re bucking the trend by keeping our public space cameras switched on every hour of every day. The cameras are always monitored by people, meaning we don’t just rely on recordings – so the Council and other agencies can respond immediately to anything of concern.”

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