CCTV can monitor more effectively than bobby on the beat

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TV news report CCTVA brief local television news item demonstrated that unasserted facts are flying around concerning CCTV cameras. The feature, broadcast from the Midlands, repeated often-stated but rarely checked statistics like there are four and a half million cameras in total; and that there is one camera for about every 15 people in the United Kingdom. On the former point – since no official body has in fact counted them, we just do not know.

Another source of confusion is the Information Commissioner’s 2006 report which stated “a person can be captured on over 300 cameras each day”. The media – ITV Central East actually increased this figure to 330 – reword this as “the average person is”, rather than the original, “a person can be”.

As Nottinghamshire police pointed out in the news item, CCTV can monitor an area far more effectively than the equivalent hours of a bobby on the beat. CCTV Surveillance Ltd offers a range of surveillance camera and recording expertise and equipment that is unrivalled. CCTV systems can enhance security on your premises, and because we are the UK’s number one installer and maintenance service provider ofdigital CCTV, you know our systems (that are custom-made exactly to your specifications) will be fit for purpose.

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