CCTV car catches 65 drivers flouting parking rules around Derby schools

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A council vehicle with a CCTV camera fitted at the top has managed to capture 65 people parking in the “keep clear” areas of schools in Derby, each of the motorists now facing fines of up to £70 each, a news report in the local media has recently revealed.

The spy CCTV car was used to monitor vehicle activity outside 22 schools in Derby, in the morning and afternoon. Ever since the monitoring operation started, 65 people were captured parking in the “keep clear” areas of schools in the city and now face fines of up to £70 each.

As part of this crackdown, the council’s enforcement officers can issue penalty charge notices – carrying a fine of £70, reduced to £35 if paid quickly – if people park on school yellow zig-zag lines, on pavements and verges where there are yellow lines, or adjacent to a dropped kerb when a complaint is received.

The 65 drivers comprised 23 in Normanton, 15 in Derwent, 10 in Darley Abbey, seven in Chaddesden, three each in Mickleover and Mackworth, two in Alvaston and one each in Chellaston and Allestree.

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