CCTV Code of Practice not likely to affect the UK market, says report

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Although the new Code of Practice for closed circuit television surveillance systems that came into force earlier this August restricts to some extent the use of such solutions in public areas, a new market report by the IHS estimates that the market shouldn’t be adversely affected by them.
As SecurityNewsDesk points out, Josh Woodhouse, surveillance market analyst for IHS, admitted there are much greater numbers of cameras installed on private property than there are public-facing surveillance cameras in the UK. The new code covers best-practice in public area surveillance systems and the analyst predicts suppliers and installers of public-facing cameras should not be negatively affected by the code.
He said: “Surveillance systems in public areas are estimated to account for only a small percentage of the UK’s cameras, with the vast majority installed on private property. “Furthermore, the code of practice should entail little worry even for those equipment suppliers and installers working in public places. This is because they are already used to complying with far more stringent surveillance legislation in other countries.” 
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