How CCTV Can Help Businesses With COVID Safety Protocols

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cctv covid safety protocols

As businesses across the country return to working as normal, CCTV systems can aid in providing workers with a contactless and safer post-COVID routine.

One of the biggest concerns for workers returning to work after over a year of remote working is that of the safety measures taken in order to ensure the Coronavirus is tackled efficiently and no one is at risk whilst performing their daily duties. By that, we mean desks maintaining a distance of two metres, a limited number of bodies in each room, and above all else, the disinfection and sanitisation of commonly used items.

From keypads and common room kettles to door handles, there is a lot on a businesses’ premises that are handled by many. Whilst companies cannot police (or even monitor) workers washing their hands for more than 20 seconds every time they return from the toilet or using hand sanitiser upon re-entering a room, they can limit the time key items can be touched, and much more…

Utilising CCTV with automatic doors

Access control comes in many different forms — one of the most basic is that of using automatic doors in heavily populated areas, removing the need to use door handles. Linked up with a smart CCTV or sensor system, doors can open when necessary to allow entry; potentially assisting with lowering heating bills in the colder months too.

With this, the use of facial recognition CCTV can come into play and play a huge difference in improving your security.

How facial recognition CCTV can help

A key advantage to using facial recognition CCTV post-COVID is businesses can use their database to grant or deny employees access to specific rooms — whether they contain sensitive material, whether they do or do not have permission to be in a specific room, or simply if there are already the maximum number of people in a room based off government guidance. Think of it as an invisible ID that can be updated and operate in real-time.

What it means for your business

Integrated CCTV solutions increase both your business’ safety and security, whilst allowing you to work fast and adapt to any quick changes. The systems fully support runtime alarm management and even allow the databases to be exported to common formats (PDF, Excel) ensuring you are in control of your operations.

For more information about the range of CCTV solutions we can provide your business or to book a demo, feel free to contact us or drop us a line in our live chat below.

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