Cameras hoped to deter Hartlepool theft and vandalism

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CCTV cameras will be installed in eight locations across Hartlepool, as part of the council’s plans to increase surveillance and deter crime.

One camera will be installed at Ward Jackson Park, after play equipment was stolen. Another will be located close to the bowls club and coach house near Blakelock Road, and one more will cover a children’s playground with potentially at-risk play equipment at Blakelock Gardens.

A council officer’s report for the camera at the Burn Valley Gardens play area states: “It is considered that the installation of the proposed CCTV camera would increase surveillance and therefore potentially help deter incidences of crime and disorder, particularly antisocial behaviour and acts of vandalism.”

The Friends of Hartlepool’s Wild Green Spaces voluntary group approves of this decision by the council.

Chair of the group Anne Brown said: “Anything that will help protect the parks and stop the wanton vandalism and thefts that goes on is a good idea.

“But it’s important they are linked and monitored so that action can be taken fairly quickly.”

Maria Seymour, of the Place in the Park Cafe, said: “I welcome it. Hopefully it might discourage people from damaging the play equipment and also protect businesses as well.”


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