CCTV for domestic premises has evidence quality footage

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burglar captured video break into house entry thief alarm officer CCTV Surveillance Ltd domestic premises evidence quality footage police investigative monitorA shambolic burglar was captured on video spending almost ten minutes trying to break into a house. He attempted entry by lobbing pebbles at a patio door until it gave in. The thief, who is believed to be taller than average and left-handed, eventually got into the home but triggered an alarm. Investigating officer DC Kevin Cockayne commented: “He’s seen to easily peer over garden fencing which is six feet high and throw all the stones left-handed.”

CCTV Surveillance Ltd are experts in providing CCTV systems for industrial, commercial and domestic premises. All of our systems provide the evidence quality footage needed for the pictures to be used by the police for investigative purposes. Whether you require covert or just a regular CCTV solution, give us a call. One of the main features of our CCTV systems, is that they are integrated to work with a standard PC monitor. This has been achieved through the development of sophisticated CCTV software.


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