CCTV maintenance on call all year round

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24 hours a dayCoppers are chasing copper thieves who steal cables in the face of a big increase in the crime fuelled by surging scrap copper prices. Thieves are targeting the copper contained in the local telecoms network, leaving affected areas cut off and costing British Telecom millions of pounds every year. There was a 9% increase in incidents last year. Detective Inspector Robin Conway of British Transport Police said: "Cable and metal theft is high on BTP’s agenda due to the disruption and economic effect it has on businesses and communities.”

CCTV Surveillance Ltd provide evidence quality digital CCTV camera and recording systems in order to improve security at remote and vulnerable locations. The network is customised to the client’s specifications and can cover single or multiple sites. Recognising that many companies rely on round-the-clock functionality, we also provide a team of hardware engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Maintenance contracts are available for support of your CCTV systems and software, and offer a range of options allowing you to tailor your support package to your own requirements.

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