CCTV records theft of prints by cult artist Banksy

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cctv records theft of work by Banksy artistCCTV has recorded the theft from an art gallery of two prints by cult artist Banksy worth more than £16,000. Police are searching for a man and woman who smashed their way by using a street sign into Art Republic in New Compton Street, London. CCTV cameras caught the man entering the shop and grabbing two prints while the woman stayed in the street as a look-out. They then made off on foot.

Works by Banksy, who shot to fame with his anonymous graffiti, are popular with thieves. Ten items worth about £10,000 were stolen from a branch of Art Republic in Brighton in 2007. To suit all your security needs, CCTV Surveillance Ltd (the No.1 UK installer and maintenance service provider), have security and surveillance digital CCTV cameras for indoor and outdoor situations, either day or night.

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