CCTV Sector Thriving

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The results of a British Security Industry Association research initiative have revealed that business for the CCTV sector has increased for the second year running. The research covered the BSIA’s CCTV section members and was undertaken to find out more about the current state of the sector.

The figures show a thriving CCTV sector with 85% of respondents stating that their business had increased over the past twelve months and 15% asserting that business had remained the same. This confirms the growth which was predicted in the same piece of research in 2005. Significantly, 85% of respondents are once more predicting a business increase over the next year.

"The continued growth of the sector is testament to the essential role that CCTV is playing in modern society," says BSIA CCTV Section Chairman, Pauline Norstrom. "CCTV is becoming a key security solution for the police, public sector and commercial organisations. Since the London bombings of July 2005, 45% of respondents have received more requests for new or updated CCTV systems. I hope that CCTV can continue to make an important contribution to the fight against crime and terrorism."

The research showed a slight change in emphasis amongst the three top sectors of digital CCTV sales by value. The 2006 research sees town centre management schemes as the top sector (32%), followed by leisure/arts facilities (17%) and transport (14%). In 2005 the top three sectors were: leisure/arts facilities, retail and then transport.

Awareness of and compliance with standards is another encouraging area. 90% of respondents are very aware or reasonably aware of the new BSIA Digital Video Evidence Code of Practice, which has been prepared to assist companies and organisations in the specification, selection, installation and operation of DVR equipment, and systems, for the purpose of CCTV images to be used as evidence in a court of law.

The BSIA’s research also revealed that 95% of respondents are either very aware or reasonably aware of the British Standard for detector-activated, remotely monitored CCTV – BS 8418, with 80% complying with the standard.

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