CCTV spy car will try to curb illegal parking in Leeds

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A spy car fitted with latest-generation CCTV equipment has been deployed by the local council on the streets of Leeds in an attempt to curb illegal parking, a news report in the local media has revealed.

Although it’s currently on a 2-week trial, the vehicle has already been deployed to check on dangerous parking around schools and late at night in the city centre, namely specifically those areas of the city where there have been complaints about illegal parking from the police or members of the public.

Although this move by Leeds City Council comes after the Government announced new proposals to ban spy cars which are being used to catch people parking illegally, it seems that the local authority is not issuing tickets to drivers as part of the trial. However, motorists who are caught parking illegally will be issued with warnings.

A spokeswoman for Leeds City Council said: “We currently have the car on trial for two weeks to target areas of concern where we have previously had complaints from the police or the public. It is not being used for general parking offences. We have used the car to check on dangerous parking around schools, and late at night in the city centre where parking issues are causing issues of public safety. We are not issuing any tickets as part of the trial, but in extreme cases we will issue warning notices.”

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