CCTV Surveillance Camera Commissioner calls for Code extension

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The UK’s CCTV Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, has asked the Government to extend the Surveillance Camera Code to rail franchises, the health sector and transport hubs – in effect taking a “more common sense position” as to which bodies have to comply with the SC Code, a news report has been able to suggest.

In his annual report, the Commissioner also raised concerns about inaccuracies in the UK’s use of Automatic Number Plate Regulation (ANPR) technologies and asked for the database to be placed on a statutory footing by the government, as well as lobby for more resourcing for his office.

At the moment, the so-called relevant authorities are those covered by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, which include local governments, but not organisations like Transport for London, the health sector or airports.

“It is a nonsense that the smallest of parish councils in England and Wales must have regard to the SC Code in the operation of their surveillance camera systems yet the operators of such huge and intrusive systems that invade upon the every day life of citizens, do not,” the report stated.

“The constraints of my regulatory mandate outside of those organisations that are ‘relevant authorities’… significantly undermine my ability to bring the necessary influence and leadership where it is sometimes most needed.”

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