CCTV Surveillance cameras are there to protect the public

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book on CCTV protect publicMany things we associate with ‘the spy in the sky’ were discussed in the very influential 1999 book The Maximum Surveillance Society: The Rise of CCTV by authors and academics Gary Armstrong and Clive Norris. The duo chart the rise of closed-circuit television surveillance in the British Isles and the theories behind it. As well as surveillance, the protection of the individual by the state is the aim, and the book argues that some means of checking up on its citizens is a basic requirement in order for governments to serve them.

Before they are misunderstood as CCTV-bashers, Armstrong and Clive Norris actually balance their investigation by weighing up all the arguments, and they assert that we should: “…consider how the new technologies of mass surveillance can be harnessed to encourage participation rather than exclusion, strengthen personhood rather than diminish it, and be used for benevolent rather than malign purposes.”

Your home or business can use this new technology from CCTV Surveillance Ltd to combat crime, deter anti-social behaviour and produce piece of mind. There are many ways to do this, from bullet, covert and infra-red cameras available for indoor and outdoor environments, day and night; to DVR recording systems, which can be networked together across multiple sites.

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