CCTV surveillance can help reduce violent crime

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CCTV helping to reduce violent crimeNew figures released this week have shown a downturn in violent crime. Cardiff University analysis of hospital data for England and Wales shows there were 64,000 fewer violence-related attendances in emergency departments last year than in 2001. 

However, with suggestions that the police force (estimated at costing £10 billion next year) will require significant downsizing, and remaining doubts over the state of the economy, the government faces tough decisions over budget cuts. If crime is to be cut further, then technological advancements such as CCTV can assist the police and other authorities in gathering evidence and securing convictions.

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The advancement in picture quality of digital CCTV means it is much superior to analog systems. British Security Industry Association CCTV Section chairman Pauline Norstrom has said: "Time and again the police take advantage of CCTV images to reconstruct events, identify offenders and make high-profile calls for public support in their enquiries," adding: "Images are frequently called upon in the criminal justice system to help secure prosecutions.

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