CCTV Surveillance Software can help overcome the challenges of remote working

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Remotely-accessible or cloud-based CCTV Surveillance Software can help security professionals better navigate the issues caused by the COVID-19 restrictions and continue to deliver a very high level of service, experts believe.

There already are growing concerns that empty offices are attracting thieves and police have been asked to carry out extra night patrols across empty city and town centres in case there is a surge in break-ins of commercial properties.

However, the surveillance of these empty properties often falls to security personnel who may be self-isolating and therefore cannot often work from their usual office. So, how can security workers ensure the properties they are responsible for are properly protected whilst not being able to access the property itself?

It is a well-known fact that technology is at the core of the surveillance industry. Any property with a number of cameras will have a strong server and software to support footage, and a security professional will have a thorough and deep understanding of the architecture of this set up.

The majority of properties will have a surveillance system linked to a central, on-site computer, meaning it is impossible to access vital security footage remotely. A strong video management system (VMS) will be meticulously set up with the right hardware and software, usually specific and bespoke to that individual property and its needs – and always be stored on-site.

Cloud-based technologies have been adopted by other industries more quickly than the security industry – this is usually because, in order to comply with GDPR and Data Protection laws, footage must remain secure, and the cloud has the reputation of being hackable and insecure. However, the Cloud is evolving to ensure that footage can be securely accessed remotely.

CCTV Surveillance – experts in designing and deploying comprehensive surveillance solutions

CCTV Surveillance has a very comprehensive level of expertise in the field of security installations, delivering high-quality, bespoke installations, designed to perfectly match the customers’ needs.

One of the main features of our CCTV systems is that they are integrated to work with a standard PC monitor via sophisticated CCTV software that allows individual users to set their own criteria for viewing selected footage from particular CCTV cameras within the network. Password and security features limit the viewing of certain cameras to specific groups of people, enabling you to securely manage who is able to see particular areas of activity.

The CCTV software enables “live” footage to be viewed remotely from any or all connected CCTV cameras as events happen and without degradation of video quality, allowing you to monitor your premises when offsite.

Its site tree facility allows servers and individual cameras to be accessed quickly, and the inclusion of the multi-site viewing facility makes the management of sites more efficient and responses to events even quicker.

Remote management of your CCTV network via LAN, WAN, or the internet is also possible through the CCTV software. Historical footage can be viewed remotely, and DVR setup parameters can be configured.

If you want to find out more about our high-end surveillance and security solutions, our dedicated product team is ready to answer all of your questions.

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