CCTV Surveillance System can deliver enhanced site security for SMEs

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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras are among the best security enforcement solutions for companies of all sizes, including small and medium enterprises, as they act as potential intruder deterrents and are also capable of providing evidence in case of a theft or other criminal activity.

CCTV cameras– also known as video surveillance or security cameras – allows you to record and monitor what’s happening on your premises. Whether you use wall-mounted cameras or standalone devices, security cameras are used to enhance safety, as well as to provide evidence, should a crime be committed on your property.

One of the first things SMEs have to decide upon is the type of cameras they are going to install on their premises. These might include wireless IP cameras – digital and connected to the internet, accessible from anywhere in the world, or wired cameras, which are typically the traditional choice for video surveillance as they do not need to rely on, or run, a computer and internet connection continuously.

Another important element to factor in when designing a CCTV surveillance system for SMEs is the camera(s)’ location – it is important to decide early whether your company will require indoor cameras, outdoor cameras or both.

It’s important to decide how much and how long you can store the recordings and whether your need some extra features, such as night vision or facial recognition. Other factors one should consider are the image resolution required (so whether you need high levels of detail or not), and design – discrete cameras versus high-visibility models designed to maximize the deterrent factor.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to consider the pricing for your system, and also the after care options that your installer might deliver.

CCTV Surveillance Ltd – experts in providing security cameras for commercial premises

CCTV Surveillance is the go-to company for complete and comprehensive CCTV solutions that adhere to the highest security standards and don’t break the bank in terms of budgets. In fact, all of our surveillance products are fully compliant with the UK Police Requirements.

The CCTV software enables “live” footage to be viewed remotely from any or all connected CCTV cameras as events happen and without degradation of video quality, allowing you to monitor your premises when offsite.

Furthermore, we make the most to customize your systems in order to deliver the best value for money, all within the limits of a pre-set budget. If you want to find out more about our high-end surveillance and security solutions, our dedicated team is ready to answer all of your questions.

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