CCTV surveillance systems are excellent tools for the prevention of fly-tipping

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The illegal dumping of waste, or fly-tipping, is costing the security industry thousands in clean up and insurance claims according to the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

Fly-tipping is a growing issue which can end up costing thousands and in some cases up to seven figures in clean up and insurance claims. The costs, which might be borne by the landlords of fly-tipping hotspots if they are not covered by insurance, can routinely reach hundreds of thousands of pounds and claims have been known to regularly exceed this figure.

Companies who fail to adequately protect their assets, or have been victims of fly-tipping in the past, could find their insurance cost.

Restrictions on the tipping of waste and the inevitable dumping to avoid paying for waste processing are key factors for this unlawful behaviour and in recent times a far larger and by far costly crime is occurring on an almost daily basis.

This involves the unlawful occupation of land followed by large scale collection and disposal of waste. There have also been many cases of industrial units rented on short leases which have then been filled with illegal waste and left for the landlord to clear out the building.

Gideon Reichental, Chair of the Vacant Property Protection Section, BSIA, said: “Fly-tipping is not just an unnecessarily expensive eyesore it can also be dangerous; tipped rubbish has been known to include specialist and clinical waste which can be hazardous, and mixed waste can spontaneously combust resulting in substantial fires which harm the environment through airborne pollution and contaminated fire-water run-off, which is why it has never been more important to tackle the problem head on.”

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