CCTV surveillance systems to be deployed cross all Kirklees taxi according to new council proposal

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CCTV surveillance systems could be deployed across all Kirkless taxis according to a new proposal by the local council, a news report has been able to suggest.

Kirklees Council is considering a plan to make video and sound monitoring equipment mandatory in all Hackney Carriage and private hire vehicles licensed in the borough.

The council says the move would help to protect drivers from assaults and racist abuse.

In 2010 Kirklees offered grants to install CCTV in 120 taxis after a spate of attacks on drivers, but the scheme was voluntary. If approved, the new scheme would be compulsory for all taxis, but it will only allow police or council officials to get access to the recordings.

Members of the public would be able to request a copy under the data protection act if an incident was reported.

A spokesperson said: “The aim of the plan is to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers by deterring and preventing crime, reducing the fear of crime, helping the investigation of crime and assisting insurance companies investigating claims.

“The proposal is that the taxis will be covered by audio and visual CCTV.

“If the plan goes ahead it is intended that the audio element would only be in operation when the taxi was in use and that both the driver and the passenger would have the ability to turn it on, so that they could record any situation that they felt warranted it.”

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