CCTV surveillance systems to be affected by GDPR

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CCTV surveillance systems will also be affected by the GDPR regulations, as the manner in which footage is captured, handled and stored will also come under the effect of the new set of rules, experts in the field  believe.

Under the new rules, building owners require a valid reason for its placement – security, health and safety, or to capture footage of any incidents that occur within the company premises.

Furthermore, camera placement should also be very seriously considered, with the emphasis being, once more, on relevant reasons.

Employees are entitled to their privacy, and can object to CCTV being fitting in certain areas throughout the business – places such as canteens, break areas fitted with access control systems or even public spaces. However, if you are able to highlight a security risk that could be minimised through using CCTV, it is more likely that the CCTV will be accepted in these places.

If you’re currently using CCTV or thinking about using it in the future, once you have recorded any footage, you should be aware that you are collecting individual data. It is important then to inform people who operate in and around your business, and you should have a disclosure to tell them that CCTV is in use and that they could be captured on any footage that is obtained. A common method of resolution is to have signs that are clear and that also feature a number for those who want to contact the CCTV operators if they have any queries.

Captured footage from CCTV cameras is allowed to be kept for 30 days in total and should not be held any longer. If you need to keep it for longer, you will need to carry out a risk assessment that explains the reasons why. Images and videos that you acquire through your CCTV system might be requested by the police, but make sure that they have a written request. Police will usually view the CCTV footage on your premises and this would not warrant any concerns for the leak of the data.

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