CCTV system in Gloucester to undergo major upgrade

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Security cameras in Gloucester are set to undergo a major technological upgrade after playing an essential role in enforcing public safety across the city, which are monitored by the Gloucestershire Police but are paid for and maintained by Gloucester City Council.

All 58 cameras installed in the city will first undergo a review process before the council moves forward with the existing plans to upgrade the system, which were first agreed by councillors in September 2012 with promises of a new modern wireless system being in place within two years at a cost of around £400,000.

On average the city’s CCTV system helps with 600 to 750 incidents a month.

PC Mark Mansfield, who helps police the city centre, commented: “The new cameras are going to be wireless so if there is a problem area where a camera may be obscured by overgrown vegetation, it can be moved to give a clearer view.

“They could also be moved to cover areas where there may be particular problems, such as with anti-social behaviour.”

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