CCTV system to catch Derby drivers misusing bus lanes and blocking bus stops

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Derby City Council has decided to tackle the problem of drivers misusing bus lanes and blocking bus stops head-on with the help of a new CCTV system that includes both mobile and fixed cameras.

According to a media report on this matter, bus stops will be monitored by four mobile cameras, a CCTV car and parking enforcement officers, while the the bus lanes will be monitored by existing CCTV, the car, and the officers.

The levels for fines are set nationally and stand at £60, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days, for abuse of a bus lane; and £70, reduced to £35, for obstructing bus stops.

The council said in a statement that: “It is important that bus lanes are kept free for buses, so that they are not delayed by other vehicles. In some instances, bus lanes provide access to sensitive areas where there are large numbers of pedestrians while other bus lanes give buses priority at traffic signals.

“To ensure that we get the very best from both public transport and our road system, it is important that the guidance and rules we set out are followed.”

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