CCTV systems are becoming more than just surveillance tools in the hotel business

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The role of CCTV surveillance systems in the hospitality sector is slowly moving away from just security and crime-prevention and towards a very valuable tool capable of providing very important insights into customers’ behaviour, experts have argued.

By their very nature, CCTV systems capture a wealth of footage and data with the potential to offer valuable insight into business performance and customer behaviour. With the availability of ever-more powerful cameras and the emergence of state-of-the-art video analytics, such as off-site monitoring, people counting and identification or heat mapping, the potential for CCTV to be harnessed for business intelligence is gradually becoming reality.

What’s more, dramatic improvements in functionality have seen the emergence of easy-to-use operating systems that allow business owners to log-on and view their CCTV remotely via secure online portals. Plus, advanced search functions allow for efficient examination and cataloguing of footage, helping to save hours in staff time.

Installing a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system in sensitive locations such as hotels requires a serious level of experience in this field, and this is exactly where CCTV Surveillance can prove its worth.

We offer a very comprehensive set of Digital CCTV Body Cameras and Lenses, including here Digital CCTV Bullet Cameras designed specifically for situations when space and price are very important factors, Digital CCTV Covert Cameras, that can be easily hidden within a variety of locations, as well as Infra-red CCTV Cameras, that are very popular due to their ability to see in ‘absolute darkness’.

Our lineup also includes digital video recording solutions and control software, designed to help users easily review CCTV footage, at the best possible quality. Plus, all of our products are fully compliant with the UK Police Requirements.

If you want to find out more about our high-end surveillance and security solutions, our dedicated product team is ready to answer all of your questions.

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