CCTV systems could help drive down the level of rural crime in Kildare

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CCTV systems could potentially drive down rural crime across Kildare and authorities are being urged to support their deployment, a recent news report has been able to suggest.

Calls for additional garda resources and CCTV installation to combat the increase of rural crime in Co Kildare have been made in the Dail this week

Kildare North TD Frank O’Rourke said that the issue is being prioritised in the Dail this week.

“We are calling for additional resources for Gardaí and for the re-opening of rural Garda stations. We are also looking for additional measures to crackdown on repeat offenders. We want to see electronic monitoring a condition of bail for anyone convicted of a serious offence in the previous 10 years. These measures, coupled with additional CCTV in rural areas, will help prevent criminals from targeting vulnerable people.”

Kidare South TD Fiona O’Louhglin said Community CCTV schemes have been a ‘game changer’ in helping prevent crime in rural areas.

“In recent months, areas of Kildare have been subject to a number of thefts, assaults and antisocial behaviour his heightened significantly, such as the ongoing antisocial behaviour on Eyre Street in Newbridge and burglaries around the county. This scheme will assist with lacking resources in the Gardaí and support local communities,” she said.

“The Community Based CCTV Scheme provides financial assistance to community organisations towards the capital costs associated with establishing a local based CCTV system. There has much been discussion in recent days about the ethical use of community based CCTV systems. The Data Protection Commissioner has confirmed that it will examine the status of these schemes. While it is necessary to ensure that these systems comply with data protection law, it is nonetheless important to ensure safety for all communities.

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