CCTV video monitoring systems can help reduce crime in the workplace

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CCTV video monitoring systems can help reduce the level of crime in the workplace, which accounts for an estimated £2 billion in lost revenue for UK companies each year, according to the BDO’s latest Fraudtrack report.

It found that 32 per cent of that figure can be directly attributed to employees, costing organisations an estimated £46 million.

However, in their UK Loss Preventions Survey of 2014-2015, 75 per cent of all respondents claimed that CCTV/DVR systems are in use across their business, while a further 75 per cent rely on security guards and alarm monitoring.

Data from these reports suggests that small businesses are particularly vulnerable to internal crime as they lack the tight monitoring and security measures put in place by larger organisations.

A separate report titled: Tackling Staff and Dishonesty, jointly published alongside the CIPD, acted as guide to raise awareness of the potential threat posed by staff fraud and dishonesty and to provide examples of generic best practice that can help employers manage and mitigate the related risks.

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