Covert cameras will catch perpetrators in the act

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Covert cameras A pressure group is calling for the powers, designed to tackle terrorism, to be removed from councils to make secret snooping operations. For example, Hampshire’s 137 covert surveillance actions since 2008 number once per week and were revealed by pressure group Big Brother Watch. It is the eighth highest use of the spying powers by a council. County bosses say nearly all these measures were done by trading standards officers to catch rogue traders and illegal sales of alcohol and tobacco to children.

Digital CCTV cameras are supplied, installed and maintained by CCTV Surveillance and perform a major role in detecting and combating illegal activities. Covert cameras – the ultimate in spy cam technology – can be added to your CCTV installation to ensure that your needs are met. Tiny devices that can be hidden in places such as smoke alarms enable you to spy on perpetrators and catch them in the act. Caution should be exercised when planning to use a covert installation as specific conditions apply to business use of covert cameras under the Data Protection Act.

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