Croydon “spy” CCTV cameras could be banned next month

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The CCTV cameras installed by Croydon council that managed to rack in £2,009,973 in fines from motorists over that past couple of years could soon be banned, a news report in the local media has recently revealed.

Figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) showed that Croydon was one of the worst offenders on terms of using CCTV for bolstering its coffers, a practice shunned by the government’s new set of guidelines, which were released last year.

According to their calculations, Croydon made £10.4 million in 2012/3, compared to £6.4 million the year before. However, the council argued that the figures were not accurate, claiming that they’ve only managed to obtain a £5.4 million income from fines and an overall income from parking services of £10.23 million in 2012/3.

Last week, local government minister Brandon Lewis pledged his support for supporting existing guidelines and clamping down on councils raising revenue through parking fines. He also said he would back a ban on the use of cameras.

On the subject of cameras being banned, a spokesman for the Croydon council said: “Croydon will comply with any new legislation as and when it is introduced if changes are implemented for CCTV enforcement for parking legislation.”

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