Daring Brussels airport diamond raid raises questions on airport security

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A daring raid carried out by armed robbers dressed-up as police officers on the 18’th of February saw a whopping 37m euros (£32m, $US50m) worth of gems being stolen from an armoured CVIT, within the Brussels Airport premises.
Billed as the biggest diamond theft in recent history, the caper saw the robbers cut of one of the airport’s supposedly secured perimeter fences and then intercepting the aforementioned armoured vehicle as it made its way to a Helvetic Airways plane bound for Zurich, Switzerland. Everything happened in a matter of minutes, the robbers then making their out of the airport as fast as they’d gotten in.
Naturally, following this event, there will be a thorough inquiry into the actual level of perimeter security provided by the airport authorities, a much more sensitive and complex issue than security checks for boarding passengers, for example.
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