Dome cameras can see in complete darkness to detect crime

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police jobs shedHampshire Constabulary will introduce redundancies, as well as measures like positions left unfilled, redeployments and voluntary redundancies in order to shed 20% of its workforce. Police officers are included in that figure, which will be implemented because the force will operate with a quarter of its budget lost due to deficit-slashing plans. Unions are to discuss the plans, which will go before the police authority. The force, which employs about 6,700 staff, also plans to share and sell buildings to deal with the budget restrictions.

The result could be an increase in crime, but with a professionally installed and maintained CCTV Surveillance Ltd camera network, your building will be safer. Dome cameras are most popular because they can be installed discreetly on a wall or ceiling corner with all the cables hidden within the casing. Unlike body cameras, these come with built in lenses. The most recent dome cameras have a selection of high-technology features such as true day/night filters for high-visibility black and white images at night time; and built-in infra red Illuminators to see in complete darkness.

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