Essex Police squad cars to support CCTV streaming

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Essex police officers will be able to view CCTV footage right from their squad cars following the implementation of a latest-generation technology, in a bid to significantly improve response times, a news report on the matter has revealed.

Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh said he hoped the improvements would make it easier and faster for officers to respond to incidents.

He said: “They will be able to look at what the calls are, what the intelligence is. They can look up all the incidents, look up wanted people, view CCTV – all in the police car.”

The constable also revealed the fact that the system would enable continued focus on improving support for victims of domestic abuse, while burglary is also one of the target areas for the force and another area where computers can help catch thieves.

Furthermore, cameras linked to automatic number plate recognition technology (ANPR) will be used to trap offenders, as well as check for untaxed or uninsured vehicles.

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