Evidence quality CCTV footage helps solve robberies

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CCTV police evidencePolice north of the border are banking on CCTV footage to help them solve two robberies committed by the same team using the same stolen car. The suspects rammed two local stores in different locations in south-central Scotland in the space of a day. Officers said they were studying CCTV footage in an effort to gather further evidence. Police have appealed for anyone who witnessed the raid or has seen the Landrover involved to come forward.

Police have long relied on CCTV footage and it is an accepted part of their armoury in fighting crime, as long as the quality of image is good enough. There is no problem in that regard with kit from CCTV Surveillance Ltd, the number one UK installer and maintenance service provider of digital CCTV camera and recording surveillance systems. The footage our surveillance supplies is evidence quality; and digital, not analogue; so police will not be poring over poor-quality grainy images that will not identify any suspects.

You owe it to your business to protect it properly, so that if anyone does break in, you give CCTV every chance of catching the perpetrators by investing in our top-notch products. We use the correct equipment from the leading manufacturers.

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