Face Detection and Intelligent Video Analysis among the most important developments in video surveillance technologies

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Face detection (or facial recognition) and intelligent video analysis are among the most important developments in video surveillance technologies over the past few years, experts believe.

Face detection is a technology which identifies human faces by comparing captured images against an image data bank or watch list of known/wanted individuals by identifying the key features of human faces. It requires a significant amount of video information which can be gained by collecting highly detailed video from user designated areas. This is done by customizing and configuring a detection area, exclusion areas, and sensitivity. Once detailed video is acquired from high-resolution cameras, one of three methods can be used for face detection.

Security operators are responsible for monitoring video images from an average of 20 or more cameras. Viewing this many monitors and cameras simultaneously is ineffective and prevents operators from focusing on core monitoring duties, which can lead to an increased probability of missing critical situations due to viewing fatigue. A primary benefit of video analytics is that it helps to alleviate the problem of operator fatigue by automating the process to detect unexpected movement or unusual behavior that may pose a threat. Leading video analytic solutions include virtual line crossing detection; enter/exit detection; intrusion detection; appearing/disappearing object detection; and loitering detection.

Intelligent video analysis can also be utilized during recording and search operations, where recorded events are tagged with the event type and associated metadata. An operator can simply search recorded video for specific event types to quickly locate an incident, saving valuable time.


Video Analytics is the latest-generation development in the field of video surveillance solutions, designed to help customers further improve the overall effectiveness of their CCTV security solution.

The system monitors video streams coming from analog, digital, or IP CCTV cameras in near real-time and automatically creates current security alerts when recognizing specific types of events and activities, prompting the operator to act.

A Video Analytics solution can also be used for analysing historical data to identify specific incidents and patterns (forensic analysis).

Using a Video Analytics system to automatically monitor camera video feeds and alert for events of interest enables superior efficiency and cost reductions by eliminating the need for manual work and helping operators notice and respond to threats sooner, rather than later.

The Video Analytics solution supplied by CCTV Surveillance features specific applications for perimeter protection intrusion management, crowd management and situation indication, which facilitate extensive, highly complex surveillance operations and highlight crucial decision data in a very visible manner.

Video Analytics is a very practical and effective solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders involved in the surveillance system’s operation, including operators, security officers, and corporate managers.

If you would like to find out more about the Video Analytics solutions developed by CCTV Surveillance, please contact our sales team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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