Facial recognition CCTV and video analytics are becoming the tools of choice for fighting crime

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Facial recognition CCTV systems and video analytics are becoming the tools of choice for fighting crime around the world, experts in the field have argued.

The fact of the matter is that, in today’s ever-changing and evolving world, standard CCTV is simply not up to the task of increasing public safety and reducing crime. The quality of the black and white footage is inadequate for the purpose of identification, often cannot be used in court, and is therefore doing nothing to deter criminals. Insufficient and inefficient, CCTV only allows users to watch archived footage after an incident has happened, unless you have someone manning the screens 24/7.

Manufacturers and companies have therefore created intelligent software, allowing security professionals access to a much broader functionality. This update includes video analytics, performing real-time event detection and post-event analysis, combined with facial recognition, where operators can track suspects and access data.


Video Analytics is the latest-generation development in the field of video surveillance solutions, designed to help customers further improve the overall effectiveness of their CCTV security solution.

The system monitors video streams coming from analog, digital, or IP CCTV cameras in near real-time and automatically creates current security alerts when recognizing specific types of events and activities, prompting the operator to act.

A Video Analytics solution can also be used for analysing historical data to identify specific incidents and patterns (forensic analysis).

Using a Video Analytics system to automatically monitor camera video feeds and alert for events of interest enables superior efficiency and cost reductions by eliminating the need for manual work and helping operators notice and respond to threats sooner, rather than later.

The Video Analytics solution supplied by CCTV Surveillance features specific applications for perimeter protection intrusion management, crowd management and situation indication, which facilitate extensive, highly complex surveillance operations and highlight crucial decision data in a very visible manner.

Video Analytics is a very practical and effective solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders involved in the surveillance system’s operation, including operators, security officers, and corporate managers.

If you would like to find out more about the Video Analytics solutions developed by CCTV Surveillance, please contact our sales team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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