Facial Recognition and Video Analytics – The Future of CCTV Surveillance in tomorrow’s smart cities

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Facial recognition CCTV and AI-driven video analytics are likely to become the centrepieces of CCTV surveillance systems in tomorrow’s smart cities, industry experts have argued.

As globalisation increases the exposure of major cities to transnational threats is following a similar trend, especially since the growing population is also putting a strain on law enforcement resources. These inherent challenges in protecting cities – population and economic centres that make attractive soft targets – necessitate the early warning and identification of threats. CCTV systems featuring facial recognition and video analytics technology support this function as the third eye of cities by complementing the vigilance of police officers and the community.

Furthermore, the advances in AI development improve the overall accuracy of video analytics – facial, behavioural and object recognition – therefore increasing the potential of CCTV systems o fully/semi-automate the processing and analysis of voluminous data collected from a vast network of cameras and in the long term decision-making.

CCTV Surveillance – experts in deploying advanced facial recognition and video analytics solutions

The Facial Recognition CCTV solution supplied by CCTV Surveillance dynamically compares images of individuals from incoming video streams against those stored in a predefined access control list and immediately sends alerts when a positive match occurs.

The technology yields a very good level of performance despite partial occlusions of the face, the use of glasses, scarves or caps, changes of facial expression, and moderate rotations of the face. Moreover, it does not allow users to be impersonated using photographs.

This biometric technology is the perfect solution to control the access to restricted security areas, especially since we’re talking about a completely automated system that requires very little interaction with the operator.

Our Facial Recognition CCTV system can be easily integrated with existing ID management products and enables administrators to easily create Whitelists/Blacklists for specific areas, while subjects can be very easily enrolled from one or more photographs.

If you want to find out more about our high-end surveillance and security solutions, our dedicated team is ready to answer all of your questions.

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