Find out truth of CCTV with high quality digital DVRs

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Myths of CCTVMany myths surround CCTV cameras and their use. Phrases such as Big Brother and George Orwell’s 1984 are always brought up when they are discussed. However, no-one actually knows exactly how many CCTV cameras are spying on the UK as the amount has never been recorded.

This is where the unreliable myths roll in, starting with the most commonly repeated figure that there are more than 4.2 million cameras, or one for every 14 citizens. That ‘fact’, which was based on a dubious calculation from the number of cameras in London’s Putney High Street in 2002, has found its way into nearly every discussion or report mentioning CCTV since.

Did you know that the other regularly quoted statistic (that people pass an average of 300 cameras per day) is almost certainly false, too? Until a Home Office project to count all the cameras in one UK county gives a more definitive figure later this year, we just don’t know. Almost all footage caught by CCTV cameras is automatically destroyed after a month anyway.

Meanwhile, police, council and security organisations all attest to the use and benefits of CCTV cameras, as you will find when you purchase a system from CCTV Surveillance Ltd. From cameras to DVRs, which allow continuous high quality digital CCTV recording for days and weeks at a time, we have it all.

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