Follow the example of Norwich and install crime busting CCTV cameras

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CCTV in Norwich Lanes shopping town centreNorwich is the latest city to install crime busting CCTV cameras in its historic shopping quarter after being awarded a Home Office grant of £33,000 aimed at improving security in towns and cities throughout the country. This will now fund three cameras to police the shopping area, and the Norwich Lanes Traders’ Association has applied for permission to install them. It is hoped the cameras will help improve safety for everyone in the area by helping to tackle anti-social behaviour and other problems related to drink or drugs.

Help to tackle crime in your shopping or town centre area with CCTV Surveillance Ltd, who install, maintain and look after industrial, commercial, and domestic digital CCTV camera and recording surveillance systems all over the UK. Part of CCTV Surveillance Ltd’s huge range is digital CCTV body cameras, which require a lens to be attached to them. This allows you to choose the best lens for your needs, and we can configure a system exactly to your requirements.

You may need a long lens where the subject is at a distance (say if the camera is surveying a town or shopping centre area). Vari-focal lenses can also be employed which allow you to manually adjust the zoom level of your body camera. This gives you the ability to shape your CCTV security system precisely to your requirements. Vari-focal high quality construction body cameras lenses, with a long service life, are available at under £50 each.
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