Global IP CCTV Camera Systems Poised for Strong Growth Until 2025

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The global IP CCTV Camera Systems is set to reach USD 18.6 Million by 2025 with the CAGR of 19.8% over the forecast period, a recent market research report has been able to suggest.

The research paper from Brandessence Market Research and Consulting points out that the significant rise in demand for advanced security technologies in industrial facilities to ensure the safety & security of workers is the key factor driving the growth of Global IP Camera Market.

Furthermore, the increasing demand for advanced security technologies in the banking and finance sector is also accelerating the IP camera market growth as it is critical for financial systems to have sound security measures in place.

As banks add more connected cameras to their security environments, it becomes increasingly difficult for security teams to keep up with the volume of data. Applying a video management system (VMS) supports IT control with artificial intelligence, predictive analytics software and other tools that automate security signals and makes it easier to respond to intimidations.

IP-based video cameras are also creating new opportunities for channel players as customers look beyond simple surveillance to a new generation of video analytics designed to deliver business insights. However, high costs involved and the privacy concerns may hamper the growth of IP camera market. In spite of that, the growing demand for these systems in non-security applications such as integration with access control systems in smart home automation, e-Point of Sale (POS) terminals, Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) are poised to supply extra opportunities for the further growth of the market.

CCTV Surveillance – Expert Suppliers and Installers of IP CCTV Camera Systems

IP CCTV video surveillance solutions (also known as networked cameras, IP CCTV cameras, Network Cameras, Internet-enabled security cameras or web cameras) are the future of video monitoring installations, as they deliver superior HD-grade image quality and ease of use at a very affordable price point.

Networked cameras convert video and audio feeds into data, which is then streamed over a network or an Internet connection to just about anywhere around the world. Since they often use existing network points and cabling for faster and easier setup, IP cameras are also a most cost-effective and easily scalable solution than analogue CCTV systems.

Beside supporting a superior level of flexibility in terms of installation options, IP CCTV cameras also deliver a significantly higher image quality than analogue solutions, with megapixel HD-grade models recording evidence-grade footage that can be easily and rapidly stored onto a standalone network video recorder or on dedicated network storage and retrieved.

Furthermore, IP CCTV solutions can be integrated in a much more seamless fashion with other existing IT systems, in order to deliver centralised control and monitoring. Data from other security devices and from business systems can be associated with IP CCTV images and recordings to provide full ‘situational awareness’, while cameras can be easily controlled and monitored even from a web browser, due to the built-in remote operation capabilities.

CCTV Surveillance supplies a full range of IP CCTV cameras and network solutions, designed to meet and exceed and customer’s requirements, regardless of the site’s size, location or particular features.

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