Hartlepool Borough Council recommends the use of CCTV in taxis

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Hartlepool Borough Council has decided to recommend the use of CCTV systems in taxis following a serious incident in the area, a news report in the local media has recently revealed.

The local authority’s decision comes after a cab driver in his 40’s was injured by a knife-wielding passenger in Musgrave Walk, around 2am on Saturday. The cabbie, who was subsequently taken into the local hospital, was released later that day and is still off work recovering.

The team managing the company the driver was working for argued that if CCTV systems were fitted in cabs then “people might think twice” about attacking drivers.

Ian Harrison, Hartlepool Council’s principal trading standards and licensing Officer, said: “The council’s position is clear. CCTV cameras are permitted so long as potential customers are informed before their journey starts that they are being filmed (usually by the display of prominent signage) and that subsequent video footage is only used for crime prevention purposes.

“I am aware of some drivers who have recently installed cameras, at a low cost, and the licensing team would be happy to speak to any other drivers who are interested.”

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