HC-One could install CCTV systems in care homes

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One of Britain’s largest care home operators is currently reviewing plans to install CCTV cameras across its network of care and nursing homes in an attempt to tackle the abuse and neglect of vulnerable elderly residents.

HC-One runs 241 care homes and employs over 14,000 members of staff. The group came under fire when, over two years ago, shocking and distressing failings were exposed at one of their care homes in Croydon, south London, when a relative used secret filming in a resident’s room, a news report on the matter can reveal.

HC-One’s chair Dr Chai Patel said the organisation has no tolerance for “this kind of behaviour and we remain deeply sorry to the resident and their family”.

“This is why we feel placing cameras in care homes can only help protect the wellbeing and dignity of those we support. We hope that, as a society, we can start an open and honest debate on this most vital issue.”

It is hoped that a permanent CCTV surveillance scheme will help root out instances of poor quality care, neglect and abuse, and act as a deterrent against deliberate bad practice and cruelty, while protecting the privacy and dignity of residents who would prefer not to be filmed.

A ComRes poll asked more than 2,000 British adults whether they would support or oppose the cameras in care homes. It found that 80% supported the installation of visible cameras in care homes and over a third 36% said they strongly supported the measure.

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